At SEE There's Something For Everyone!

There’s all kinds of fun and exciting things to do at the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo. With a wide variety of things to play, do, and try, there’s something for everyone!

Come watch the Kilobots duke it out, or build Lego to your heart’s content. Try your hand at the on-site escape room from Escape City, or escape into a whole other world of Virtual Reality. Come experience the first ever mobile gaming unit from RegenStorm, and play all the video games. Hall C will be full of all kinds of awesome things to see this year, so make sure to swing by!

Escape City

SEE is excited to announce a new limited release adventure from Escape City. Get ready for a pop-up experience that’s been carefully curated by the Escape City team to bring the incredible set design, unique puzzles, and cutting edge technology you get at Escape City right to the Expo!

SCRC Kilobots

SEE presents Kilobots! The Saskatoon Combat Robotics Club is honoured to host the Nationals at the expo!  This event brings teams from across Canada and beyond to compete for the Kilobots Cups – large custom commissioned trophies that get name plaques of all the winners, growing in size as more levels get added.