Brand New Escape City Pop-up Experience

Escape City is going to put you in the middle of a real-life adventure, running for the first time ever, right at Expo! Work together with your team to find clues, solve puzzles and escape before the time runs out. After an initial briefing covering the general rules, a friendly guide leads you to the door of your escape room. Your group will enter and get acclimatized before the guide leaves you. Once the door closes, a video introduction will play, introducing the room’s theme and storyline and giving you instructions on how to get started.

Madame Caterina

We’re excited to announce, Madame Caterina, a new limited release adventure from Escape City available for the first time right at Expo! Madame Caterina is a pop-up experience that’s been carefully curated by the Escape City team to bring the incredible set design, unique puzzles, and cutting edge technology you get at Escape City to Expo. This experience is limited to Expo ticket holders only so make sure to grab your tickets before you book a time.