Saskatoon Entertainment Expo Exhibitor List

Subject to change or cancellation without notice.

Pinball Machines and Arcade Cabinets!!!!!!!

Achie Collection, your one-stop shop for bright and beautiful handmade jewelry, creative design T-shirts, tote bags, stationary, and other anime inspired merchandise all made in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Our collection are carefully curated to bring you fun and happiness with a unique twist. Our pieces is ideal for gifting or just to spoil yourself.

We are a husband and wife team who want to share our love for tabletop gaming with the world. Between the two of us we have been playing Dungeons & Dragons and RPGs for over 42 years. We love telling stories! We’re dedicated to create gaming spaces that are safe, accessible, and welcoming to everyone.

Roll for adventure! We’re Adventure Dice, your Canadian source for dive, role-playing game accessories, and other tabletop gaming goodies. Many of our items on our site are handcrafted in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

I offer marker drawings that are brilliantly vibrant, as well as small trinkets you can take on the go! 

Selling character prints/posters and marker drawings as well as stickers, handmade buttons and keychains. Colourful perler designs that are framed or as small as a keychain. On the spot marker commissions of characters by request. Primarily anime, cartoon, video game focused.

I sell art made out of perler beads. My products consist of both 3-D and 2-D projects, in a pop-art and bright colour palette. These take forms of magnets, earings and keychains. I make art from video games, anime, movies, and original works including fruits & foods, animals and symbols. These are made in both regular and LGBTQ+ flag colours. 

My center showpiece is a 7 by 7 ft ish piece featuring 25 characters from genshin impact as well as a 2 by 4 ft piece from Obey Me!

We’re an independent artist brand based out of Vancouver, Canada and we specialize in original anime aesthetic screen printed apparel, embroidered accessories, keychains and stickers!

Alchemy Apparel is a pop culture shop, specializing in apparel, accessories, collectables, 3D printing and autographed memorabilia. Funko pops, accessories, t shirts, lanyards and hats.

Live, on-the-spot caricature drawings, as yourself or selecting from a variety of pre-drawn characters. Prints, trading cards, posters, and brochures for advertising.

Araiyana paints watercolour galaxy and stained glass style portraits, as well as making LGBTQ+ pride items.

11×17 or 11×14 posters: various prints of watercolour paintings based on Critical Role, Tabletop RPGs, video games and Sci-Fi.

2×4 bookmarks with tassels, 2×3″ queer vinyl pride stickers: neon sign styled “Not a f***ing” girl/boy”, pronouns (he/him, she/her/, they/them)

I create whimsical illustrations that lean mostly towards fantasy. Prints, stickers, and original artwork/commissions.

I make art based/inspired by characters from Video Games, Anime, and other popular fiction. 

Art Prints (Paper)
Arts Prints (Aluminum Print)
Original Ink Drawings

Fleece blankets (queen size), Drawstring bags, Aprons, Pencil cases (2 types), Buttons/Pins, Prints, Handbags/Laptop bags, Stickers, Magnets, Pillows, Masks, Acrylic keychains. Also maybe: Bookmarks, paper for crafting (scrapbooking or origami type with patterns).

Note: The arts and designs are all drawn by me, there are entire original designs but also fanarts.

I make everything crochet, with cricut, paint and draw. I sell crochet stuffies, crochet items, make dnd shirts and items with the cricut, I also paint and draw.

Novels, Resin crafts, Custom dolls, Plushies, Buttons, Stickers, Charms

Collectible store from Lloydminster, AB. Specializing in Funko Pop!, Youtooz and collectibles.

Steampunk inspired: Rings, Earrings, Brooches, Bracelets, Necklaces, Fascinators (short and top hats) Affirmation Greeting Cards. 

I initially started selling vintage and antique jewellery and accessories in market fairs which I still do from time to time, but I realized that I loved the character of the Steampunk esthetic. I like to perform demonstrations on how to create different pieces. Last year, I worked on fascinators and necklaces at my booth. This year, my plan is to work on fascinators once more, cutting the pattern, gluing the pieces together and then molding them. Then either painting or decoupaging them along with adding some accessories.

Displays of 18th Century Medieval life.

*See demonstration times in Full Show Schedule.

I have three self-published fantasy books I will have for sale. 

The Ninin Chronicles: Darwin, The Ninin Chronicles: Borok, The Ninin Chronicles: Hadley.

Vibrant aesthetic take on modern themes with a little bit of glitter and magic. Prints, wands, clay hand made figures, stickers, pins.

Bills Diecast and Hobby Room has been in business since 2017 in Regina. We have listened to our customers and expanded our product line to include a wide variety of superhero and anime items.

Diecast (1:64, 1:24, 1:18), Hot Wheels, Lego Compatible Minifigures, Pump Hats, Plushies, Pins, Anime (and other) Sticker Packs, Music Boxes, Mystery/Loot Bags, Custom Vinyl Signs, diamond paintings, Ad fab Fabric Patches.

I am a young queer digital artist who is interested in film and media. My work is both fanart and original. 


I plan to sell my digital art in physical form and I plan to sell my art in posters, keychains, and stickers. I also will have my sketchbook and pens with me for a commission sketch at my booth.

bokchoi is an Alberta-based artist known for his high-contrast, black and white style.


11×17 prints (Original and Fanart of Comic / Anime Characters) 16×24 prints.

Boryski’s Butcher Block has been providing customers with the finest fresh meats for 40 years. 

Sausage Snacking Sticks – $2 each

Meat and Cheese Buckets – $5 each

Jerky Sticks – $2 each

Jerky Bags – $12 each

We specialize in whimsical merchandise and cute prints. We are a family run business and we work very hard to bring good quality trinkets and art prints.

Posters, mini prints, keychains, notebooks, stickers, and other stationery.

Caleighs Crystals, since inception, est 2012, has been offering handcrafted jewelry and accessories at a reasonable price. From Wedding shows to comic con, Caleighs Crystals is all you need. 


Crystal ball stud and drop earrings, pendants, bracelets, and kids resin jewelry. Anime earrings. Unicorn and mermaid headbands.

Imported novelty candies from US, UK, Japen, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Novelty toys, Assorted Accessories. 

Art Books, Digital paintings, Self published graphic novels. 

Chasing Artwork is a Winnipeg-based illustration studio featuring the Artwork of Justin Currie. Justin Currie is an illustrator using techniques combining graphic designer training and traditional painting techniques in the coined style “Shattered Vector Painting”. Justin Currie is an internationally recognized artist who has worked with Blizzard, Warhammer, Nickelodeon, Disney, Marvel, Netflix, and is a regular guest of comic conventions across Canada and the United States. His first creator-owned project, Cassie and Tonk, won the Manitoba Book Award for graphic novels.

Chez Rhox, specializes in pop culture and otaku merchandise and accessories. From Pokémon to Harry Potter, get your geek on!


Accessories, figurines, toys, jewellery, posters, plushies, bags, hats, clothing, replicas

Promotion of Greeneyed Furse Twitch Channel (stickers, magnets) wirewrapped stones/crystals, handmade keychains, phone charms, Art / drawings and tarot readings.

Wood working dice boxes, d and d dice, needle felting, hand turned pens, custom t-shirts, custom mugs and ceramics.

Compose Dream Game marketplace is a collective of Indie RPGs and Published from across Canada.

I am an RPG artist/author who has designed my own game. I also work with other Canadian designers and Publishers (Indie RPGs).

I am in independent creator of comic books. 

Comics, trading cards, action figure and statue just to display for action figure and statue of my character, drawing.

Fandom merch made by hand. Art, beaded items (such as phone charms, bookmarks and keychains), crochet and sewn items.

Prints – Spy x family, Toilet bound Hanako kin, Demon slayer, Pokémon, Final fantasy 7

Plushies – Pokémon Saiki K, Studio Ghibli

Stickers – Same as print fandoms

Independent Comic Book Publisher THE HOUSE OF WONDERS OGN

Original Graphic Novels, Prints, Buttons, Stickers, Bookmarks, Shirts

I make original and fanart from my favourite anime and video games. Prints, posters, enamel pins.

Da Pop-Up Shop is based in Vancouver, BC. Our mission is supporting local small businesses and artists. With your visit, it gives us strength to continue doing what we believe in. 

Pop culture / anime theme collectibles & novelties, brand name products from Bio-world, funko pop, GE animation, Bandai, etc. 

Dangerous Damsels is a family-run pop-up/web shop. It’s the manifestation of my love of all things pop culture.

Clothing (dresses, hoodies, t-shirts, tanks, skirts, capes), accessories (bags, wallets, keychains, lanyards, sunglasses, pleather accessories, hats, ties, cufflinks & tie tacks, pocket watches), costume jewelry, patches & pins, household accessories (mugs, tumblers, tea towels, cutting boards, pillows). These items are all pop culture based. Many items are handmade/hand-printed.

Founded in 2009 Dark Bridges Film Festival focused on bringing cool genre films to Saskatoon. In 2014 DBFF changes its name to Saskatoon Fantastic Films Festival (SFFF) to reflect the wide range of films, but our love of good horror films has never stopped. The Dark Bridges Film Festival returned in 2022 as a horror festival and this year the 3 day festival will run at the Broadway Theatre June 2-4.


Film Festival promotion. Displaying posters of all the films and playing trailers on a tv.

David Joyce is an experienced illustrator, character designer, and story artist specializing in TTRPGs, boardgames, and comics.

Prints, posters, and canvases based on comics, movies, and games. Sketches/commissions, TTRPG game(s),. Fantasy Artbook 

I am a vtuber and an artist who makes fun accessories and I enjoy promoting both while selling my handmade items: scrunchies, bandanas, Furry & cosplay accessories (ears, tails, paws, etc).

I’m a watercolour and ink popsurrealist. I make all my own items, in an attempt to make art affordable and accessible for everyone.

Prints, originals, stickers, magnets, hand painted apparel, sticker book, earrings and dog tag necklaces.

Diamond fish art is a small Manitoba artist with an emphasis on the cute and colourful aesthetic! From fanart to original art, they make sure that everything that is created brings a sense of joy just from looking at it!

Crochet kitty hats, crochet bear bucket hats, crochet scarves, crochet octopuses. 8×10 / 5×7 art prints with a variety of anime and Kpop fanart and original art. Various stickers, handmade earrings, fanmade cards similar to Pokémon cards, art commissions, washi tape.

Small family ran business from small town Manitoba! Specializing in custom apparel and drinkware. We also carry many kids toys, home decor and more.

Custom clothing, drinkware, premade clothing, kids toys, plush toys, wall hangings, home decor, prepackaged fudge, popcorn, cotton candy.

Don Sparrow is a professional illustrator who trained at the UofS before moving on to Canada’s prestigious Sheridan College, where he completed a post-graduate course in Advanced Illustration.

Known for his retro-comics-inspired illustration work in magazines and on television, Don has also completed several published comic works. These include the Ultimate Power Duo’s sci-fi opus “Ad Astra” and collections of his webcomic “Don’t Know (Maybe So)”. 

Saskatoon Expo 2023 will mark the Saskatoon convention debut of his latest work, an original comic book short story called “Waiting for Wednesday”, set in the Saskatchewan of the late 1990s.

Live drawings, self-published comic books, sketchbooks, postcards, poster prints, t-shirts.

Games night has never been better! Dragon’s Den Games has an awesome array of board games, card games, and roleplaying games!

I’m an award-winning author of more than sixty books of science fiction, fantasy, and non-fiction. Much of what I fell are my own published works. In 2018, I founded Shadowpas Press, which publishes new work by established and emerging authors as well as new editions of notable, previously published work. 

My booth will sell both my own books and titles published by Shadowpaw Press, which include anthologies featuring major science fiction and fantasy authors plus a number of books, both genre and non-genre, by Saskatchewan authors.

We offer a range of stationary products that are drawn and made ourselves. This includes stickers, decorative washi tapes, prints (postcards, posters, bookmarks), notebooks, notepads, sticky notes, keychains, and clay figures.

Contents of merchandise include fan art and original art drawn and made by Egguino.

We will be providing a retro gaming area for attendees to enjoy while at the show. The Guild will be collecting donations that go towards the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation, as well as promoting our organization and events. There will be 6-8 tables setup with various consoles, computers and screens for attendees to use, along with tables where we will have our donation collection and promotional materials. 

The Extra Life Saskatchewan Guild is a group of volunteers that fundraise for the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation through gaming, including video, board, collectible card and role-playing games. We are partnered with the larger Extra Life International organization and the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation.

We sell cosplay prop replicas and associated accessories (mainly swords, armour, helmets, foam cosplay items, etc.)

Unique and fun items for unique and fun people. Custom dolls jewelry, artwork, pins and more.

We specialize in selling a wide variety of Collectible Merch from New and Old Anime’s and Video Games.

Plushies, figures, wallets, hats, trading cards, LED lights, decals, framed prints, dice, surprise boxes, keychains, lanyards, mugs, cups, water bottles, backpacks, card sleeves, prints, pins, stickers, throw blankets, candies

Nerdy and colourful chainmaille products and jewelry made one ring at a time! Each piece can be customized or sized to fit each individual.

Chainmaille items and jewellery including, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, fidgit toys, Christmas ornaments, watches, dice bags, keychains and dragons. 

Also fabric dice pags, skeleton key pendants, crystal pendants, dice keychains and necklaces/pendants, dice earrings.

Foiled is about the breaking out of the daily grind of two very ordinary people yearning to save up enough funds to open a Design Studio.

I will be selling postcards (4″x6″) and fan art posters that will be the size of 12×18″ / 24×36″. A few T-shirt designs will also be on display.

We are a toy store that sells funko pops, anime figures, loungefly bags, funko pops, stuff toys, action figures, back packs.

Part time crafter who likes to make many different items such as post holders, soup bowl cozies, scrunchies, keychains, jewelry, rhinestones, pens, fridge magnets and soother clips.

Sewing, tree ornaments, headbands, hair clips, epoxy resin keychains, straw toppers, UV resin pens, hair clips with ears and bows, baby soother clips make with food grade silicone beads, fabrics (Pokémon, retro cartoons, food, super hero, star trek, disney, anime, to name a few…)

Funnybones is a fandom and original artist collaboration between Maryna Nekrasova and Kate Cunningham. We have all kinds of cute, creepy and funny merch, created by us!

24×36″ XL prints, fandom and original work, 11×17″ prints, fandom and original work, 2″ acrylic charms, 2″ die cut vinyl stickers, 4×6″ vinyl sticker sheets, 2×2″ patches.

Funko products, custom merch, wood pop culture items.

Geeky Tendencies is a shop for geeks and gamers, by two sisters from Northwest Saskatchewan. We love what we do and believe our products will make your game night epic. We have created a range of fun and colourful handmade storage solutions and accessories to help you stay organized and make you the envy of the rest of the table.

Tabletop gaming accessories such as dice bags, dice trays, dice vaults, dice towers, card albums/spell books, dice displays, dice, mugs, coasters, adventures and accessories.

GMB Chomichuk is an award-winning writer and illustrator whose work has appeared in comics, graphic novels, books, role-playing games, film, television and theatre. He is the host of Super Pulp Science, a podcast about how genre gets made.

His work in words and pictures ranges from the heartwarming to the bloodcurdling. Other books by GMB Chomichuk include Apocrypha: The Legend of Babymetal from Z2, Will I See? from Portage and Main Press. The automatic Age from Great Plains, The Eye Collector from HEAVY METAL, Dragon Nanny from Chasing Artwork, Dead Work from The Dead Work Collective. 

Books, Art, Prints and Original Art Created and Written by GMB Chomichuk.

Hi, my name is Ami/Quinn, my pronouns are they/them and I draw all things cute!! I mostly draw cute animals like frogs and hamsters, but I’ll also occasionally draw whatever my goblin brain has decided to hyperfixiate on. 

Acrylic & wooden keychains, wooden pins, wooden magnets, 4×6″ & 5×7″ prints, 11×17″ posters, washi tape, memopads, notepads, stickers, sticker sheets.

Small local Saskatoon business. Tubs of gourmet cotton candy (all themed, star strek, demon slayer, etc) Milkshakes!

We sell graphic novels, comic books, and art prints. 

Copies of, and art prints related to, our graphic novels and comic books, including (but not limited to) titles: Infinite Universe, What Will Not Last, Dead Work, The Laundrymen, When I Get Home, There Was Another Life #1.

I am a Canadian artist who develops concepts for 3D, graphic design and comic books. I create all illustrations, textures, lighting and colors using Photoshop. I am also an independent comic book creator. I have three issues of my digital comic book swamp Punks on Comixology and Webtoons. I am currently working on a short graphic story called The Lonely Spaceman.

Original Fan Art posters in 12×18″ format consisting of: Batman, Captain Marvel, Spidergwen, Spiderman, DR Doom, The Punisher, Pj masks, Tayo, Megaman, Phoenix, Kitty Pride, colossus, Wolverine, Ghostface, Freddy Kruger, Mike Myers, Pokémon, Scarlet Witch, Gargoyles, Iron man, Iceman, Spawn, Kick Ass, Cyborg, Nightcrawler, Claptrap, Star Wars, TMNT, Skeletor, Carnage, Venom, Magneto, Earthworm Jim, The tick, Invincible, Sonic, Kratos.

Original Art poster in 12×18 format: Prairie invasion, Spaceman, Character sketches, Comic panels,

Jackson Gee is an artist who specialized in pop culture and gaming themes, known for his unique style and artistic vision. He creates a wide range of works that showcase his passion for his craft. 

Original Art and Art Prints by me.

Bright pinup art with neon colours and foil embellishments! Lots of monsters, vampires and more! D&D inspired merch.

Prints (5×7 and 11×17), Enamel Pins, Vinyl Stickers, Comic Books (original), Custom commissions.

Illustration and design by Kate Miller. 

Traditional and digital illustrations, prints, framed art, paintings, pressed flowers, postcard, stickers, and pins. All inspired by fantasy, science fiction, books and movies. 

Enclosed display of remote controlled fighting robots.

Just a local toy and game lover that has an abundance of stuff. Love to trade and sell. 

Collectible toys, games, costumes, books, cards, and figures. Some new. Some used or vintage.

One stop shop for gift giving for loved ones or yourself based around pop culture and anime merchandise, 100% drawn an designed by small business.

Prints 8×8″ and 11×17″ – pop culture themed and photography, enamel pins – cute animals and anime themed, acrylic coasters and charms, stickers 3×3 vinyl stickers based on pop culture tv shows and movies.

Decorations, accessories, stationery, customized service. Cotton doll, handmade cat ear headdress, stickers, badges, stationery and keychains (all in cute cartoon style). 

Original character commissioned (digital painting) & Cosplay photo editing.

Limpstella is an indigenous artist based in Saskatchewan. Creating colourful art for lovers of the cute and the creepy.

Prints, stickers, postcards, charms, totes, buttons, stationary, toques, crochet plush, crochet bags.

Japanese anime; figurines, accessories, cosplaying apparel, etc. And Kpop; albums, cds, dvds, blu-ray, photo book, apparel, accessories, etc.

Clothing, sunglasses, earrings, scarfs, eyelashes, etc.

Steampunk, victorian and gothic lace jewelry designed by Madame Nadine who’s pieces were seen on the red carpet at the Oscars 2020. 

Handmade lace jewelry and handpainted jewelry.

Marc Rousseau is creating satirical comics about Saskatoon, as well as on-the-spot 5 minute comic strips, weird stickers and more!

‘A Miserable Guide to Saskatoon’ books, posters, prints, stickers, custom comics.

Made for geeks, by geeks. 

Both Anita and Marjie have been creating for decades, and have a love for anything geeky. From Star Wars to Trek, Superhero to Princess, Anime to TV shows, we can crochet them all. 

Crochet Amigurumi dolls, crochet/knit hats, scars & mitts, quilted blankets, hand poured resin keychains and magnets.

MASTERDADABELLE is a Toronto based Artist that sells cute things!

Posters, Prints, Charms, Coasters, Stickers, Socks

Hi, we sell original art and comics. Ranging from published works to fan art. 

Comic books (originals), Exclusive Variants (licensed), Art Prints (originals and fan art), Canvas and more more!

We are promoting our annual healthcare hackathon. 

Our hackathon is a weekend-long event. Our hackathons bring together healthcare professionals, technology creators, and entrepreneurs to create solutions to problems in healthcare. We are a student-run nonprofit.

“Lemons” Issue #1 is a nature horror graphic novel. 

1st issue of “Lemons” the graphic novel. Promotional “Lemons” stickers

Minifigures building blocks, shadow boxes, tumblers customized cups

We sell a variety of fan art from all realms of pop culture on stickers, poster prints, metal prints, and acrylic prints! Providing affordable art for fans!

I have been modding HeroClix for several years now, perfecting my techniques from repaints to complete remods. I actually have my Undergraduate degree (BFA specializing in sculpture) and my Master’s degree (MFA specializing in drawing).

Custom created heroclix, and related product for the game, including figures (custom and previously played), tokens and objects used in game, company t-shirts for sale, and custom pins (jewelry).

Prints, buttons, acrylic charms, stickers, pillow cases

Cute and colourful trinkets designed by Lee Flegel. 

Acrylic keychains (2.5-3.5″), 3″ vinyl stickers, 4×6″ sticker sheets, 4×6″ prints, 11×17 prints, round pinback buttons, laminated bookmarks, handmade items (notebooks, plushies, clay figures and pins, bags)

Detailed semi realistic illustrations created with carious traditional media. Prints, stickers, keychains, buttons.

Resin art with a twist of darkness. We also are an alternative indie makeup brand!

Fandom (mainly video game/anime) themed stickers and keychains (handmade), resin art and decor, anime/nerd fandom themed makeup. 

The selling of pop culture posters – commercial posters and print.

Noms takes anime-inspired artwork to create original apparel designs and accessories to express our favourite foods. Using premium materials and great artwork, we want to share the food love with all those around us. 

Shirts, hoodies, keychains, pins, plushes.

Not Famous Yet started creating fanart because of an ask from her nephew, who wanted a drawing of Genji from Fortnite. Now she draws, using coloured pencil, ink, paints on clothing and canvas, anything from Spiderman to Deadpool. Pointillism is one of her favourite methods, which is a style that she has adapted into a lot of her work.

Hand painted hoodies and tees, fanart on canvas and paper (including prints), framed and unframed acrylic paintings on canvas, includes landscapes, surreallism, and reallism and drawings on paper in ink, coloured pencil.

OBPmusical writes original music for TTRPGs, Podcasts, Twitch Streams… Everything from one instrument and 1 min to a full orchestral cinematic pieces for movies and web-series. Theme songs, sound effects, soundscapes. 

We have over 13 hours of original music in any style and genres. Our team has credits in everything from Disney to Opera, Les Miserables to country music. Our team: 3 lyricists, 6 composers and 8 vocalists.

Art prints, stickers, original artwork, commissioned work, and tote bags.

The girls at Painfully Pretty are so excited to be tattooing your favourite characters, memes, and pop-culture icons! 

There will be 5 tattoo artists who will be providing flash tattoos as walk ups for convention goers. Our designs will be pop-culture, video game and comic related. 

We typically bring shop merchandise to any show we attend. This includes clothing, prints, stickers, keychains, art, etc.

Paisley Wizard Games is a Dungeon Master for hire business based in Saskatoon, SK. I run single adventures or long term campaigns for games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, Call of Cthulhu, etc. I can run games either in person or online. 

Dice bags, gaming dice, RPD combat scenarios for different games such as D&D, Savage Worlds, Pathfinder, etc. Accepting appointments for gaming sessions after the expo, raffle for free gaming sessions.

Cute dynamic anime art pieces with heavy Japanese influence. Posters, keychains, vinyl posters.

Officially licensed geeky pins, lanyards, keychains, and jewelry

Freshly Squeezed Lemonade, we also offer different free flavours and a diabetic (sugar free) option as well.

At our booth you will be able to find custom hand drawn art, commissions, prints, jet tags/keychains and stickers! We inspire from Anime and video games. 

Drake (Winson) Tsui is a Canadian freelance artist currently residing in Calgary, Alberta. Creating illustrations under the moniker “Quirkilicious” to offer affordable, quality artwork for fans who share a passion for the same things he loves and enjoys in geek culture!

With a Bachelor’s degree in Character Design, I specialize in 2D game art, splash-art and narrative illustrations. I have been featured by prominent companies such as Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment and Bioware. 

Art Prints featuring original artwork created by myself. Coming in sizes12x18 and 15×24. Also a 100 page artbook!

I draw anything I like 🙂 Because of this, I have a wide variety of different media fan art and originals to offer, all in a cute anime style.

Randy Ruppel draws one of a kind caricatures that people can enjoy for years to come. It only takes about 8-10 minutes to have your caricature drawn. 

Draw live caricatures of attendees, display sample caricatures.

Cyberpunk/sci-fi comics, art and merch. Comic books, Zines, Shirts, Art Prints.

Protect your celebrity autographs and/or photos with our plastic toploaders! 

Movie posters, movie prints, pokemon cards, toploaders for storing and protecting autographs and photographs.

Sabtastic returns from Edmonton after several years, with her adorable owls, crows, ducks, and chubby bird art!

Original artwork in various printed forms. These forms are: posters, getting card sized prints, vinyl stickers, resin coasters, enamel pins, tote bags, dresses, t-shirts, and bamboo fans. 

SAF. Clothing is brand from Regina that specializes in Alternative and Car related clothing and accessories. Kawaii inspired accessories.

Custom Car Drawings, Embroidered Key Tags, Anime Earrings, Funny Earrings, Acrylic Anime Signs, Alternative Clothing

Up and coming artist that loves comic books. She is in her second year of the convention circuit and hoping to break into comics. 

Prints, 11×17 and 5×7, Bookmarks, Totebags, Comic Book Sketch Covers, Buttons, Notebooks

Repair services for cosplayers.

Fantastic displays of Lego creativity!

I am an award winning comic creator, illustrator, and designer from Winnipeg, Canada. I make a variety of comics, graphic novels, and art prints depicting fantasy, sci-fi, and whimsical scenes. My comic projects include the upcoming Hologram Hunter, as well as Boreal, Ark Land, Giants’ Well, Ocosomoso, and Romulus + Remus.

I will be selling the following: Art prints all drawn by myself, graphic novels and comics, crated and published by myself and a few other unique printed products and paper crafts created by myself.

Merch based on games, anime, and general nerd culture.

Standard artist alley style merch – prints, acrylic charms, buttons, stickers, etc. content is based on mix of games, anime, and general nerd culture such as d&d or memes. 

On the spot commission work & promotion of other projects also present (ie, animation and art)

Searle Productions sells original art prints, representing many franchises in the gaming, anime, comics and film space.

I’m a young artist who’s first venture into selling their art is here at the Sask Expo!

Fandom-inspired stickers, misc. stickers, keychains, poster-style prints (8×10), handmade plushies. *All merch has potential to be made in sticker, print, pin, plush, & keychain form


Sky’s the Limit Lazer specialized in laser engraved, handpainted board games like cribbage, kaiser, frustration rummy, ten thousand, rummoli, marbles and jokers, aggravation, scrabble and many more!

Cute and simple artistic style made into Fun Products, includes Fan Art, as well as original designs. Pins, keychains, washi tape, die cut stickers, sticker sheets, decals, art prints, art posters, journals, hand made crafts, children’s books.

Custom Spiderman Paint, interior and bodywork done in 1980. A true ripper if the web slinger ever needed a classic car!  Owner: Wayne Morrison

Another great photo op!

We draw and make fantastically constructed foam core figures! All Standees have a front, back and is magnetically mounted to a stand for easy assembly.  Each one of these colourful and vibrant characters have been hand made in Canada for your displaying pleasure!

I draw and make 2 sided pop art standee characters and 3D printed skulls, masks, acrylic keychains and prints.

Cute merchandise to show your love of Anime! Anime and cute styled buttons, charms, stickers, enamel pins, prints, and on site commissions.

We carry licensed figurines, keychains, wallscrolls, and mugs.

My name’s Luana! I’m an artist from Spain, and I love making bright, whimsy art that makes every day life a bit more special. 

Art prints, vinyl stickers, wooden keychains, enamel and wooden pins, lanyards, washi tape.

We sell collections of lolita fashion accessories that are made by selected crafters. 

Lolita fashion accessories, hair accessories, hats, fashion jewellery.

We build custom metal art pieces. If you can dream it we can make it. We really do bring the movies and comic characters to life within our art. 

Full set up of marvel/dc/star wars and move metal art, along with some amazing movie tribute pieces, custom coasters, sugar skulls or day of the dead pieces, and more more. 

We specialize in anything comic and movie related items in metal, and our style has never been seen before in these shows.

Sydmish creates a wide variety of posters and other merchandise ‘by a fan, for fans’, all of the nerdy art you could possibly need in one place!

All stock listed will be featuring fan-made and original art of comic books, movies, tv shows, anime, video game characters/scenery: 11×17 prints, both new and returning, 5×7 postcards, new and returning, acrylic charms, new and returning, 10×10 prints, all new stock! Stickers, also all new stock.

We provide the Open Gaming area – Board Games and D&D sessions for attendees who may need a break from everything else, or maybe interested in learning to play some board games or D&D. We are a volunteer group and enjoy teaching games and D&D to new and experienced players.


Electric vehicle company. Our team tesla would like to display a Model X along with a Powerwall, which is not yet available for orders, but our team has in depth knowledge about the product. We would like to educate the people of Saskatoon, along with capture leads for test drives and gauge interest.

Action figures and related collectibles. Celebrity memorabilia (autographs).

TFTOYS.CA is Canada’s premier action figure and collectibles store. We have ben supplying the best in action figures and more for nearly a decade and we’re thrilled to be back on the road all over western Canada at comic expos.

Writer, artist and creators of original comic books and comic book art.

Mel Hohn is an illustrator who’s smitten with mushrooms and botanicals!

Prints, stickers, enamel pins, patches, greeting cards

Display at the show depending on the situation including a CGC 9.6 X-Men 1 OW/W. High end graded sports cards, comic books and original comic art. Comic book supplies.

Handmade artistic resin tumblers. Each is one of a kind piece of art that can be taken anywhere with you. We will be stocking family friendly themed tumblers made via resin and other mediums, sublimation tumblers and accessories and a family friendly line of decorative pens.

Clothing including hoodies, tee and tank tops will almost be bright for purchasing. All of the items brought will be family friendly, without any profanity or vulgarity.

Jessie Pyne is a local author and will be promoting and selling theircompleted book trilogy, The Dreamwing Trilogy.

Books, stuffed animals, pins and large dragon for photo ops.

I love sewing and cosplay so much I started my business in 2016. We make hand made clothing, we only use old fashion SINGER sewing machines. Old world craftsmanship meets new world designs.

Our style is that of witches, were wolfs, vampires and monsters.

We will be handing out pamphlets with information about our school’s programs. We won’t be selling any items. We will have an iMac computer displaying 3D Animation and Video games that our students have made in class.

The only hands on mineral and gem museum in North America. Rocks, fossils, minerals, gems, jewelry, statues.

Tingle Tongle Sews makes a variety of hand sewn items inspired by anime and video games. 

Pokémon inspired purses and coin purses, anime/video game/cute backpacks, fanny packs and zippered bags. Kits to hold sewing supplies/first aid supplies/convention survival supplies, hand embroidered pins and decorations.

Handmade fantasy and cottagecore themed clay art. 

Handmade polymer and ceramic clay sculpture, vessels, accessories & jewellery with a cottagecore / fantasy aesthetic.

I sell mostly Sealed Pokémon Products as well as graded cards (English & Japanese). Also a small selection of board games and other collectible card games. 

Toxic Wheatland Apparel is a Saskatchewan clothing brand providing customers with prairie inspired designs with a bit of an edge.  T-shirts, hoodies, hats, touques, toys, stickers, magnets, keychains.

Two replica transformers Bumble Bee and Optimus built from recycled materials for BN Metals. A great photo op!

My business sells pop culture and sports souvenirs merchandise., however I will bring just a small portion of what I have. Pop figures, horror figures & mountain t-shirts.

Fanart focusing primarily on the dark fantasy worlds of video games and comics. Prints and posters.

I sell acid etched nerd and geek themed glassware. 100% dishwasher safe. Assorted glassware, shot glasses, tumblers, pint glasses and assorted mugs.

Japanese stationery and gifts, soft toys, keychain, mugs, pouches, stickers, notebooks, stamps, washi tape, crafts.

We carry amazing toys, hobby collections, and gifts especially Japanese model train sets and accessories, diecast toy cars, and Japanese animated character figures.

Artist specializing in pop culture fan art. Original art and art prints.

We specialize in providing exceptional toys and collectible products across multiple categories including vinyl figures, action toys, plush, apparel, Funko, cards, and other toys for everyone. We wish to bring the fun to everyone of all ages.

Anime clothings and accessories, keychains, lanyards, toys & collectibles, swords and knives.

Comics, board games, and other artwork illustrated by Zach Schuster.

Thrud (graphic novel), Thrud in Utgard (comic), Dead Work (graphic novel), Wizlords in Space: Cosmic Card-tastrophe and accessories (board game), Alberta Comics: Home (graphic novel), Travel Sketchbook (comic), buttons, stickers, prints, original comic pages and sketches.

Zombie Tigress Art: Comics and Illustrations by Morghie. Featuring stickers, buttons, art prints, keychains, charms, postcards, washi tape, greeting cards, bookmarks, self-published comic books. Every item at my booth features my own artwork.