Expo Policies

At Sask Expo it’s important to us to be able to provide a safe and welcoming community for everyone. We have developed policies surrounding issues such as sexual harassment, bullying, consent, and a few other topics. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Our policies apply to our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) as well. Bullying, verbal abuse, threats, spam, and any other forms of harassment will result in the user being banned from all social media channels.

If you experience sexual harassment at the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo, please go to one of our Customer Service tables located around the venue. They will put you in touch with our trained staff member who will then assist you.

1 Harassment, Abuse, and Bullying

1.1 Harassment Policy

The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo does not tolerate harassment of any type at any of its events. Harassment can take many forms. It may be, but is not limited to, words, signs, offensive jokes, cartoons, pictures, posters, e-mail jokes or statements, pranks, intimidation, physical assaults or contact, or violence.

The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo will investigate all reported instances of harassment or abuse no matter how small and will strive to ensure that all perpetrators are dealt with in an appropriate manner.

1.2 Sexual Harassment Policy

The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo defines Sexual Harassment as “Comments or conduct of a sexual nature and/or abusive conduct based on gender, gender identity, sex (including pregnancy, and breast feeding), or sexual orientation directed at an individual or group of individuals by a person(s) of the same or opposite sex, who knows, or ought reasonably to know that such comments or conduct is unwelcome and/or unwanted.

The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo maintains a zero tolerance policy on all matters of harassment no matter the size or scope of the infringement.

Sexual Harassment includes, but is in no way limited to;

  • Unwelcome sexual invitations or requests;
  • Demands for sexual favors;
  • Unnecessary touching or patting of a person(s) body;
  • Leering;
  • Unwelcome and/or repeated innuendos or taunting about an individual’s gender, gender identity, sex (including pregnancy and breastfeeding), or sexual orientation;
  • Unwelcome remarks and/or verbal narrative of a sexual nature;
  • Any and all visual displays that are openly sexual in nature that can or may be interpreted as being degrading or offensive;
  • Threats of a sexual nature;
  • Any form of sexual assault;
  • Any other unwanted and/or unwarranted verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

1.3 Verbal and Physical Abuse

The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo has adopted a policy prohibiting violence of any form directed at any member of staff, whether corporate, contracted, or venue, any crew member, any guest, or any attendee. Consistent with this policy, acts or threats of physical violence, including intimidation, harassment, and/or coercion, which involve or affect The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo and/or their staff, crew members, contractors, or associates, or which occur on The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo or venue property, will not be tolerated.

1.3.1 Verbal Abuse, Reviling, and Bullying

The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo defines verbal abuse as the use of words and/or
statements used to attack, defame, or injure an individual, or to speak falsely of an individual. Verbal abuse constitutes psychological violence under this policy. Verbal abuse, reviling, or bullying can consist of, but is in no way limited to;

  • Unwarranted accusations;
  • Name Calling;
  • Withholding;
  • Criticizing and/or judging;
  • Discounting;
  • Trivializing;
  • Unwarranted ordering;
  • Verbal abuse disguised as a joke;
  • Undermining;
  • Threatening;
  • Any other unwarranted verbal attack on any person(s) that may cause them inherent psychological harm, or cause them to worry for their physical safety.

1.3.2 Physical Abuse

The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo defines physical abuse as any act by an individual(s) that results in any form of non-accidental physical injury to another individual or party. Physical abuse consists of, but is in no way limited to;

  • Striking in any manner (Punching, kicking, slapping, kneeing, etc.);
  • Strangling;
  • Cutting, or exposing an individual to something sharp;
  • Pushing and/or pulling;
  • Exposing an individual to a dangerous animal;
  • Drowning;
  • Throwing and/or shooting any form of projectile;
  • Use of any object to strike another individual;
  • Withholding food and/or medication;
  • Pinching;
  • Exposing an individual to extreme cold or heat;
  • Biting;
  • Tripping;
  • Blinding and/or eye poking;
  • Exposing a person to any form of electric shock.

1.4 False Accusation

Any individual found to be making false accusations regarding sexual, physical, or verbal abuse may be held accountable and dealt with in accordance to the posted corrective procedures listed in 1.6.

1.5 Complaint Procedure

Any individual, or group of individuals who believe that they have been subjected to any form of harassment whether verbal, sexual, and/or physical should immediately contact any member of the Expo, whether that be a crew member, staff, or contractor. That person will then immediately convey your complaint to a member of the Customer Service Team, or directly to a Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo staff member for investigation.

1.6 Corrective Procedure

At the conclusion of the investigation, any person found to have been in violation of any policy under article 1 may be dealt with in a manner that best interprets the seriousness of the offense.

This may include, but is in no way limited to;

  • Oral Warning;
  • Revocation of Convention Pass and Wristband without Refund;
  • Attendance Ban at Future Shows and/or Events;
  • Immediate arrest and detention;
  • Reporting of the offense to the appropriate authorities;

It’s important to us that everyone who attends the convention have a welcoming, fun, and safe experience. These policies have been developed so that everyone can have a wonderful and memorable weekend.

By purchasing a ticket to the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. A valid wristband must be worn at all times to gain entry to the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo. Proper placement of the wristband around the wrist is necessary for admission. Wristbands pinned to clothing or costumes, or wristbands not worn on the wrist will not be accepted at the point of admission.
  2. Damaged, altered, or torn wristbands will not be accepted upon entry.
  3. Wristbands are not transferrable to any other person, or redeemable for cash.
  4. Wristbands are only valid for the event and date for which they are issued.
  5. Wristbands cannot be replaced if lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed under any
  6. Wristband holder agrees to abide by all posted signage requesting him/her to not take photos/video in any area where it is posted as prohibited.
  7. Attendees are not allowed to solicit for sales of any type, nor distribute flyers, business cards, or any other item at the show without the express WRITTEN permission of the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo.
  8. It is prohibited to make reproduction of any kind of the wristband.
  9. All wristbands remain the sole property of the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo. Wristbands may be confiscated by Saskatchewan Entertainment staff without compensation for any reason deemed fit.
  10. Unauthorized or unlawful resale or attempted resale is prohibited by law and is grounds for immediate seizure of the wristband without compensation.
  11. Management reserves the right to revoke/refuse admission to or to eject from the event/venue; any person(s) who fails to comply with the rules and regulations of the event or venue and all applicable laws.
  12. The wristband holder consents to use of his/her image and/or likeness by media now known, or hereafter devised for advertising, and/or any other promotional purposes as deemed fit by the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo.
  13. Wristband bearer assumes all risk and danger of personal injury, damage to property, including death, and all other hazards arising from, or related in any way to, the event for which the wristband is issued, caused by negligence, gross negligence, or otherwise, and the holder releases and indemnifies the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo, it’s employees, and its agents from any and all liabilities and/or claims resulting from such risk, danger, damage, injury or death.
  14. The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo, and the staff of Prairieland Park, reserve the right to search any person and/or their bags and items at any time at the show. Purchase of any ticket type indicates your consent to allow searches.
  15. By purchasing the wristband you are agreeing to abide by the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo policies.

Please note: The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo reserves the right to change and/or alter these terms and conditions at any time deemed necessary.

The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo fully supports equal accessibility for all attendees and provides onsite assistance for those that identify as having a disability. We strive to do our utmost to provide equal access to all areas of the show in accordance with Provincial and Federal law.

Due to limited resources, we may be required to discuss reasonable accommodations with you in regards to accessibility in order to try to meet your needs. Accessibility seating in program rooms is limited, and is available on a first come first served basis, so please ensure that you arrive early for any panels you wish to see.

The show provides a variety of services to help you enjoy your experience including:

  • Direct line access to admissions.
  • Wheelchair friendly aisle widths.
  • Convention schedule available on the show app in large print.
  • Reserved seating based on sightline requirements for programming areas.
  • Accessibility badge identifying known medical issues to emergency services
  • Line accommodation for attendees with mobility issues.
  • Priority access to elevators.
  • Companion accommodation tickets

1 Transit

Saskatoon Transit provides accessibility seating on all transit services within the city. Please contact Saskatoon Transit for further information on their available services.

2 Venue Parking

Prairieland Park offers front of line parking for those that have a disabled parking placard permit issued by an appropriate agency. Accessible parking spots are available in all lots at Prairieland Park.

3 Hotels

All the shows associated hotels are accessible for persons with disabilities. Please do not hesitate to discuss your accessibility requirements when booking your room.

4 Venue

All buildings on Prairieland Park have accessible washrooms. All buildings on Prairieland Park have accessible ATM’s for your convenience. All aisles are wider than normally required to assist those in wheelchairs get around the show.

5 Admissions and Accessibility Badge/Stickers

5.1 Admissions

Admissions have direct line access to the service counter to aid those with mobility issues. Accessibility badges are available at the admissions counter for those that wish to have their specific needs or medical conditions available to EMS in the event of an emergency.

6 Programming Sightlines

Programming sightlines will aid you in being able to see and hear presenters on stage in our panel rooms and main event rooms. Depending on your access requirements, and sticker will be issued to you to be placed on your wristband denoting that you are allowed to sit in one of the reserved accessible sightline spots.

7 Wheelchair Sightline

To better accommodate our guests, the wheelchair sightline sticker enables patrons to sit in designated accessible seating spaces in our program rooms. Accessible seating areas are solely for persons with disabilities and their companions.

8 In Line/End of Row Sightline

The “In Line/End of Row” Sightline allows reserved seating for those with mobility issues at the end of the chair rows. Please note that this does not include first row seating.

9 Proximity Sightline

The “Proximity” Sightline is reserved seating for those that are hard of hearing or visually impaired and require close sightlines to the stage/screen to assist with lip reading or easier view lines. Please note that this does not include first row seating.

10 Service Animal Sightline

The “Service Animal” or “Guide Dog” sightline is similar to the “In Line/End of Row” accommodation. To ensure the safety of our fans and their service animals and guide dogs, we require that they be seated in a designated accessible seating area only.

11 Companion Required

The “Companion required” sticker will ensure that your companion is allowed to sit with you when you are in reserved seating, or in a line queue for autographs or photo ops.

12 Accessibility Accommodations

12.1 Wheelchair/Scooter Rentals

Neither the show nor the venue rent or loan wheelchairs or scooters. Please ensure that you contact a local rental outlet and make prior accommodations before arriving at the event.

We recommend checking out Golden Mobility And Rehab.

13 Service Dogs/Guide Dogs Policies

Service dogs are allowed provided they meet all the requirements as listed through
Saskatchewan Human Rights. Pets and “Therapy” animals are not covered under this policy and are not allowed at the venue.

14 Companion/Support Persons

The Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo will offer a single (1) complimentary admission pass for your companion/support person. Please ensure both the person requiring the accessibility pass as well as their companion/support person both present to the accessibility admissions area located in the main admissions building.

Accessibility reserved seating in all programming areas is extremely limited and we cannot guarantee reserved seating for companion/support persons within the reserved areas. Thank you for your understanding.

General Exhibitor And Vendor Policies

1 Badges

Badges issued by the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo must be worn at all times while at the venue, including move in and move out. Badges must be picked up prior to entering the venue for move in.

1.1 Resale And Transference

Purchasing or procuring more badges than required for the purpose of resale is strictly prohibited. Vendors that are found reselling badges risk being removed from the show without the possibility of a refund and being disallowed from exhibiting at future shows and events of the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo.

2 Shipping And Deliveries

All deliveries and shipments to the show site must go through the authorized show decorator for the specific venue you are shipping to. The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo shall bear no responsibility for any loss or damage to any freight shipped to any of its venues.

2.1 Abandoned Freight

Any freight left at the venue after the conclusion of the event that has not been registered with the show decorator or the Exhibitor Manager shall be deemed as “Abandoned Freight” and disposed of in accordance with transport authority legislation.

2.2 Appointment Deliveries

All exhibitors with large deliveries requiring a dock to offload (ie: semi trucks) must book appointments for both load in and load out from the venue. Please contact the exhibitor manager to book appointments. Missed appointments will be moved to the end of the appointment queue.

3 Onsite Parking And Trailer Storage

All exhibitors must park in the designated exhibitor parking area provided by the venue. All trailers and semi-truck units must as well park in the designated areas provided by the venue. The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo shall bear no responsibility for vehicles towed from any areas where parking for exhibitors is disallowed by the venue.

4 Subletting

Subletting of tables and booths is allowed if the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo is contacted a minimum of 1 month before the show and made aware of any sublet arrangements. All sublet requests received after the 1 month mark will not be allowed. The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo reserves the right to disallow any subletting agreement at their sole discretion. All unauthorized subletting is strictly disallowed and may result in the subletter as well as the original purchaser being removed from the show without refund and being disallowed from attending future shows.

5 Vendor’s Staff

5.1 Hours And Staffing

All booths and tables must be staffed for all OPEN hours of the show. If your space is found to be unattended for any duration longer than one hour, the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo reserves the right to dismantle and store any items within the booth space at the exhibitor’s own risk. The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo bears no responsibility for damaged or missing items of the exhibitors.


Absolutely no person(s) under the age of 15 years old (as per WCB legislation) can be on the show floor during Move In/Out and Setup. Any exhibitor being found to have underage individuals in the venue during these times will be given one written warning and asked to have the underage participants immediately depart the venue. Should the underage participants not immediately depart the venue, or should they re-enter the venue after receiving the written warning, the exhibitor risks being immediately removed from the Saskatchewan  Entertainment Expo without refund.

5.2 Entering And Exiting The Venue

All exhibitors must use the designated exhibitor entrances and exits as requested by the venue or Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo.

5.3 Designated Contractors

All exhibitors requiring contractors to set up or disassemble their booth must contact the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo to ensure that they will be allowed onsite at the event. Contractors required for setup and teardown will be allowed onsite with a special badge designating them as off hour contractors. These badges will not allow admittance to the show floor during regular show hours. Should you require contractors during show hours, it will be the exhibitor’s responsibility to purchase badges for them at the regular rate.

6 Choice Of Placement

Placement on the floorplan is handled on a first come/first serve basis.

7 Set Up And Move Out

Exhibitors are required to conduct their setup and move out during show approved times only. All exhibitors requiring setup or move out outside of designated times must request permission from the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo Exhibitors agree to follow all setup and move out rules and regulations as put forth by the venue location that the event is being conducted at. Information regarding setup and move out will be forwarded in advance of the show.

7.1 Early Breakdown

Early breakdown of any booth or table at any event of the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo is not allowed without permission from the Exhibitor Manager. Any exhibitor who moves out early without receiving permission may be disallowed from attending or exhibiting at future events of the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo.

7.2 Footprint

The exhibitor’s booth footprint must remain within the floor marks as laid out by the show decorator or maintained within the measured configuration of the booth. Setting up outside of the authorized footprint will result in a single request to bring the booth back into compliance. Booths not put back into compliance will be asked to tear down and depart the show without refund.

7.3 Compliance And Timelines

Exhibitors who have been informed that they must bring their booth into compliance must do so within a timely manner. Any booth taking longer than one hour to bring their booth into the accepted footprint will be asked to immediately depart the event.

7.4 Height Variance And Stability

All events of the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo follow the below maximum height variance:

Artist Alley Table: Maximum 10 feet height

Vendor Booths: Maximum 12 feet height. Should your exhibit be higher than the stated maximum variance, you can apply for an exemption from this policy. Please contact the Exhibitor Manager for information.

All booths and tables must be built to be stable. Any booths or backdrops where stability is questioned must be able to prove stability of their display. If a booth and/or backdrop is deemed to be unstable by the Exhibitor Manager or Operations Manager, the exhibitor must immediately stabilize or take down the offending content.

7.5 Clear Aisles

All exhibitors must have all belongings removed from any open aisle prior to the start of the event daily.

7.6 Floor And Wall Marking

Only specific brands of tape and floor marking medium are allowed at certain venues. It is imperative that the exhibitor check with the venue prior to doing any floor marking. The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo shall bear no responsibility for damages or staining to any floor area that is caused by an exhibitor. All charges for cleanup will be charged back to the exhibitor responsible. Tape is not allowed on any venue walls at any times. The only approved hanging medium for venue walls is blue tack.

7.7 Signage And Visual Standards

All hanging signage must be professionally made and family friendly using venue approved materials only. Absolutely no hand-written signs will be allowed.

7.8 Venue Damages

The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo shall bear no responsibility for any damages to the venue caused by the exhibitor. All damages to the venue caused by an exhibitor will be charged back to said exhibitor at cost, plus an administration fee.

7.9 Lighting

All lighting used by the exhibitor must be approved and carry the appropriate ULC or CSA listing.

8 Special Displays

8.1 Helium

Helium and Helium balloons are not allowed at any event held by the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo.

8.2 Fog And Smoke Machines

Fog, haze, and smoke machines are not allowed to be used by any exhibitor at any event held by the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo.

8.3 Motorized Vehicles

Motorized vehicles for display inside a building must have less than 1⁄4 tank of fuel (or <20L) and a working fuel gauge to be allowed inside any venue. Absolutely no propane powered vehicles are allowed. Vehicles with a roof area larger than 9.3M squared must have an active smoke detector and fire extinguisher (2A10BC). Vehicles must be moved in during their scheduled move in time only. All vehicles will not be allowed to depart the venue during tear down until it is deemed safe to do so by the venue and exhibitor team. Keys must be given to the Exhibitor Manager for safekeeping during all show hours.

9 Electrical Compliance

All use of electrical items must be in compliance with venue and Fire Marshall Rules and regulations. Use of electrical outlets is restricted to exhibitors who have purchased electrical outlets through the show decorator or venue. Unauthorized use of venue electrical outlets is not allowed.

10 Sound Level Compliance

Sound must be kept to a minimum for the comfort of your exhibitors and attendees. Absolutely no noise or music will be allowed that exceeds the Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety maximum exposure limits. (85 dB(A)).

10.1 sound Level Complaints

Regardless of volume, excessive complaints from other exhibitors or attendees may result in a request from Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo to turn off the offending sound(s). Failure to comply may result in removal from the event without refund.

11 Taxes And Permits

Exhibitors are responsible for the collection and payment of GST and any other applicable taxes as required by law. Should the exhibitor require any other permits, clearances, or inspections of any kind, the payment for such actions shall be solely carried by the exhibitor and must be forwarded to the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo no later than two weeks (14 days) prior to the event. The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo will not be held responsible for placement cancellations that are the result of not having valid / appropriate permits, clearances, or inspections.

11.1 Business Licenses

Business licenses are not required to exhibit or vend at the Expo.

12 Character Of Exhibits

All exhibits must be in good taste and be family friendly and non-discriminatory in nature, keeping in the theme and nature of the event. All exhibits must further be non-associative or must not promote any specific religious or political doctrine. Final determination of what shall qualify shall be made by the Exhibitor Manager of the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo All exhibitors are subject to continued assessment throughout the event.

13 Right Of Removal

Should any exhibit or display be found to not fall within the guidelines of 15.12, or the exhibitor/vendor has received documented warnings from the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo, we reserve the right the remove the exhibitor from the show or event with no prior notice or warning and without refund, and the exhibitor may be banned from attending all future events.

14 Adult Merchandise

Exhibitors must not at any point sell or openly display any adult oriented material to minors. All adult oriented material MUST be held under the table, or if displayed, it must be bagged and/ or covered to ensure that minors cannot see and/or access the material. All adult material depicting nudity of any sort must be covered (blinded). Adult videos and magazines are not allowed to be openly displayed at any time.

15 Adult Material


Adult material shall be classified as all material depicting nudity, sexuality, or conduct that would normally be considered to be pornographic under Provincial and Federal law. The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo reserves the right to make the final determination on what constitutes adult material in regards to any event.

16 Liability And Security

The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo and any venues hosting any event shall not be held liable for any theft or loss that the exhibitor may incur at any event held by the company. The exhibitor shall be solely responsible for all security at their booth or table while onsite. The Exhibitor agrees to protect, keep, and save the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo, the promoter of the event, forever harmless from any damage(s) or charge(s) imposed for violations of any ordinance or regulation by the Exhibitor, his/her employees or agents, as well as failure to comply with the terms and agreements of this contract. Further, Exhibitors shall at all times protect, indemnify, save, and keep harmless the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo against and from any loss, cost, damage, liability, or expense which arises out of or from or by reason of any act or omission of the Exhibitor, his/ her employees, or agents.

In the event that the venue or any part of the exhibit area thereof is unavailable, whether for the entire event or a portion of the event, as a result of fire, flood, tempest, snow storm, or other such cause, or as a result of governmental intervention, malicious damage, acts of war, strike, labor disputes, riot, or agency which the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo has no control, or should the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo decide that because of any such cause it is necessary to cancel, postpone, or re-site the show, or reduce installation time, exhibit time, or move-out time, the Saskatchewan  Entertainment Expo shall not be liable to indemnify or reimburse the Exhibitor in respect of any damage or loss, direct or indirect, arising as a result thereof. The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo shall have the full power in the interpretation and enforcement of all contract regulations contained herein, and the power to make such amendments thereto, and such further rules and regulations as shall be considered necessary and proper. The foregoing represents the agreement between the Exhibitor and the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo.

17 Bootleg And Copyright Materials

The display or selling of any copyrighted or bootlegged materials by any exhibitor is not allowed at any event being held by the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo. Any exhibitor being found to have bootlegged or copyrighted materials will be asked to remove the materials from the venue. If said items are returned to the booth to be sold, or if the exhibitor refuses to comply with the removal request, the exhibitor will be removed from the event immediately, and will not be refunded any portion of payment made for their booth(s).

18 Fire Regulations

Exhibitor displays must meet all Provincial and Federal fire codes, and will be subject to Fire Marshall inspection prior to the opening of the event. No portion of a display, product, boxes, packing materials, etc. shall obstruct any aisle or doorway. No Fire Extinguishers, Hose Cabinets, Fire Exits, and/or Fire Alarms shall be blocked or covered at any time during the event.

19 Venue Regulations

Exhibitors agree to abide by all rules and regulations put in place by the applicable venues at which they are exhibiting. The exhibitor agrees and understands that the venue shall have final determination in regards to regulatory infringements in regards to their set rules and regulations.

20 Food And Beverage Sales

Food and beverage sales are strictly prohibited at all events held by the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo without express prior written permission from the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo and the venue. Collectible packaged food items may be allowed on a case by case basis, with determination being made jointly between Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo and the venue. Direct sales of consumable food items to attendees requires a contract with Venue Concessions.

21 Cleanliness

Exhibitors must maintain and clean their booth/table areas both during and after the show. Exhibitors will be responsible for any damage caused by them to the exhibit area. All materials owned by the exhibitor must remain within the confines of the booth or table area at all times.

22 Payment

Exhibitor understands the payment policy and agrees to pay the fees as listed on the Exhibitor Application Forms. If the Exhibitor is sharing or subletting table space, then the person whose name appears on the contract assumes full responsibility for that booth. Any and all subletting MUST be approved in writing by show management.

22.1 Advance Payment

All payments must be received within 30 days of securing space at the applicable event. Payments not received within 30 days may revert the reserved space back to the open pool.

22.2 Refunds And Cancellations

Exhibitors that cancel 30 days or more prior to the show will be granted a full refund minus 10% administration fees. Exhibitors that cancel 30 to 15 days prior to the event will be granted a 40% refund. Exhibitors that cancel less than 15 days from the event will not be granted any form of refund. Administration fees will be capped at $250.00 or 10% (Whichever is lower) regardless of size of booth footprint purchased.

22.3 Exhibitor Removal And Documented Warnings

The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo reserves the right to remove any exhibitor who disregards and/or breaches any policy as written in this document without refund. The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo also reserves the right to remove any exhibitor that disregards any venue rules, or city, provincial, or federal laws without warning and without refund. Any exhibitor removed from an event, or who has received documented warnings during the event, will be assessed post show to determine eligibility to attend future events held by the organizer. The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo reserves the right to seek out legal remedy for any situation warranting it. Further, should it be required, local, Provincial, or Federal authorities may be contacted should the situation warrant it.

22.4 Corrective Procedure

Should an exhibitor be removed from any event held by the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo the exhibitor shall be banned from any and all subsequent events of the company for a time period not to exceed five (5) years. The exact term of the ban shall be decided upon by the executive of the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo after the event in question.

22.5 Corrective Procedure Notification

Any exhibitor removed for any reason from any event of the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo shall be notified not more than 30 days from the end of the event in question via registered mail of the reason and term of the ban.

22.6 Exhibitor Removal While Under Ban

Should an exhibitor arrive at any event or venue of the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo while under a ban, the individual in question may be apprehended and prosecuted under the Provincial Trespass to Premise law(s).

23 Exhibitor Promotions

Items, gimmicks, merchandise, or other promotional stunts responsible to the Exhibitor must be directly related to the business of the vendor and cannot solicit or promote external organizations unrelated to the Exhibitor or the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo. The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo reserves the right to stop any Exhibitor who is not complying with this policy. Failure to comply with this policy may result with expulsion from the event without refund.

23.1 Stickers

Stickers may be given out as a promotional item, unless restricted by the specific venue that the event is being held at.

23.2 Aisle Interferrence

Absolutely no aisle interference will be allowed on behalf of the exhibitor. This includes merchandise and displays in the aisle ways, as well as sales staff selling or promoting in the aisles

23.3 Prizes And Giveaways

The offering of prizes, draws, and giveaways is not allowed by the exhibitor without prior written authorization from the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo. All Giveaways and lotteries MUST follow Provincial Gaming Laws.

23.4 Coordination Of Giveaways

All prizes, draws, and giveaways made on behalf of the exhibitor must be coordinated with the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo to ensure no interference with aisle traffic, other exhibitors, or other functions of the event. Prizes, draws, and giveaways made without coordination may result in the exhibitor being asked to depart the event without refund.

23.5 Flyers And Handouts

All flyers and handouts must be kept at the exhibitor’s booth/table only. Handing out of flyers, pamphlets, or leaflets in any other area of the event including aisles around the booth, is strictly unauthorized and may result in the exhibitor being asked to depart the event without refund.

23.6 Security And Traffic Flow

Any approved exhibitor promotion that is deemed to have a possible negative or altering effect on traffic flow in the exhibitor’s booth/table area will require the exhibitor the use of security and/or traffic control personnel at the exhibitor’s own expense.

23.7 Autograph Signings

All celebrity autograph signings held at an exhibitor booth/table must receive written authorization from the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo prior to setup. Any unauthorized autograph signing sessions are strictly unauthorized and may result in the exhibitor being asked to depart the event without refund.

23.8 Exclusives, Logo And Name Usage

All show related exclusive merchandise that bears either the logo or name of the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo is strictly unauthorized without prior written permission from the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo. Unauthorized use of any logo, name, or trademark is not allowed and may result in the Exhibitor being asked to depart the event without refund, as well as possible legal action

23.9 Pinning Of Decorators Drape

Exhibitors must not attach any items to the show decorators draping by use of pins, staples, or any other manner in which permanent holes will be left in the material. Any exhibitor found to have pinned drape will be forwarded the show decorators assessed damage bill for their payment. Payment of any damage bills must be completed prior to the next scheduled show or the reservation will become null and void.

24 Official And Unofficial


Exhibitors may not declare any offsite function to be an “official” event of the show without first receiving prior written permissions from the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo.

25 Artist Alley Specific Allowed Sales

Artist Alley tables are allowed to sell or display only the following:

  • Comic Books and/or Prints that the Artist has personally made and/or contributed to. (If your name is not listed in the credits, you may not sell and/or display the item in question.) The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo reserves the right to demand proof of concept and original sketches of any and all artwork brought into question as being the artists’s original work.
  • Original Art that is NOT produced by the Artist Alley registrant provided you have a letter stating you have the right/authority to sell and/or display the items from the original artist.
  • Items that have been personally made by the Artist Alley registrant.


  • Comic Books and/or Prints the artist has NOT contributed to.
  • Commercially available toys that the artist has not contributed to.
  • Collectible and/or Vintage toys.
  • Original Art that is NOT produced by the Artist Alley Registrant.
  • Modified artwork of another artist. (Including computer modified work of another artist of any form.)

25.1 Corrective Procedure

Should an Artist Alley registrant be found to have at their table any items listed above in 15.25.1 that are deemed as not being allowed, the registrant will be given one written warning to remove the items. Should the items not be removed within one hour of the written warning, or should they be placed back on the table for sales after having been removed, the exhibitor risks being removed from the show without further warning or refund and being disallowed from exhibiting at future events being held by the organizer.

26 Cosplay And Cosplay Corner Specific

26.1 Photography Outside Of Booth Area

Cosplayers may not sell, or request compensation for any photographs with attendees taken outside of their allotted booth or the Photo Ops area.

Exhibitor Weapons And Props

1 Weapons And Prop Sales

The Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo keeps very strict standards regarding the handling, selling, displaying, and usage of weapons by vendors and attendees. The following policies have been implemented to ensure attendee safety and to allow us to remain able to continue selling weapons and props at the events.

1.1 Responsibility And Corrective Procedure

It shall be the vendor’s sole responsibility to ensure that all policies pertaining to weapons and weapons sales as posted by the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo are followed by all attendees and staff at their booth. Any and all violations of the posted policies will be dealt with by the issuance of one warning. If there is a second infringement of the policy, the vendor risks
being removed from the show without refund, and being disallowed from exhibiting at future shows of the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo.

1.2 Removal Of Packaging

Items may be removed from its packaging by the vendor for the purpose of displaying or showing the item to a potential purchaser.

1.3 Packaging Of Sold Items

If an item or weapon is sold to a potential purchaser or attendee, the item or weapon must immediately be placed back into its original packaging and sealed in a manner that would prevent easy access to the sold item while at the venue.

1.3.1 Items That Cannot Be Repackaged

If an item or weapon cannot be packaged in a way that is acceptable to the Weapons and Prop Compliance Team or to Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo staff, the item will immediately fall under the categorization of “weapon” as outlined in this policy and must be presented to the peace bonding table for a compliance check.

1.3.2 Purchaser / Attendee Unpackaging

All bladed weapons, including knives, axes, swords, katanas, and any other item deemed a weapon or a bladed object, must from the time of purchase be kept in its original packaging by the purchaser. Any purchaser who removes the weapon from its original packaging, does so at the risk of having the item confiscated and/or having their wristband revoked.

1.4 Attendee Handling

The following policies are in place to ensure safe handling of any weapons at a vendor’s booth. These policies are strictly enforced by the Weapons and Prop Compliance Team and Event Staff.

1.4.1 Handling Allowance

Prospective purchasers may be allowed to handle and inspect weaponry provided that the weapon or prop remain horizontal to the table at ALL times and the weapon or prop is not lifted more than six inches from the table top.

1.4.2 Hefting And Balance Testing

There cannot, under any circumstances, be any kind of jabbing, swinging, fighting, testing for weight, or horseplay of any kind with the weapons being handled by a prospective purchaser or attendee.

1.4.3 Testing Allowances

Vendors who wish to allow potential purchasers the ability to heft, or test weapons for weight must, at their own cost maintain an enclosed area in the middle of their booth that will be a minimum of 5 feet away from any other customer, or attendee of the show. The area must be fully enclosed so as to prevent any other person in the area to visually see what is happening

1.4.4 Vendor Responsibility

The vendor will be solely responsible to ensure that the purchaser tests the weapon in a safe manner, and that all policies of the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo are observed and followed at all times.

1.5 Sales To Minors

At no time is a vendor who is displaying at any event of the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo allowed to sell any item, prop, or weapon that is classified in this policy to any person(s) who have not reached the legal age of majority within the Province of Saskatchewan (19 Years of age).

1.5.1 Corrective Procedure

Any vendor being found to have sold a restricted item to a minor (Person under 19 years of age) risks being removed from the show with no refund, and being disallowed from exhibiting at future shows or events of the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo and associated events maintained by its governing body.

2 Costume And Weapon Compliance

Exhibitors understand and accept that all worn costumes and props associated with said costumes shall follow the stated policies of the Attendee’s Prop and Costume Policies. Failure to comply with these policies may result in the exhibitor being removed from the show without refund.

2.1 Exhibitors And Prop Compliance

Exhibitor understands that they are required to present to the Props and Costume Compliance table to have their costumes and props inspected prior to the start of the event.