Quelsie Cosplay

QuelsieCosplay, also known as Kelsie, is an award-winning cosplayer from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Kelsie has always displayed an interest in creating and wearing costumes, but the passion took off in earnest in 2017 when she made and debuted her first cosplay at Regina Fan Expo.

Kelsie has been a huge fan of video games her entire life and draws almost all of her cosplay inspiration from her favorite games. She enjoys creating costumes that are rich in detail and incorporate a variety of materials such as EVA foam, fabric, leather, faux fur, 3D printed parts, and Worbla.

Kelsie is known for her cosplay work from the popular Dragon Age, Witcher, and Assassin’s Creed series of games; costumes from those games and more have been published internationally in a number of magazines, including Cosplay Realm Magazine and Creative Cosplay Magazine.

She has also competed in numerous cosplay contests and has won many awards, including multiple Expert 1st place and multiple Judge’s Choice awards. Kelsie now enjoys being a cosplay guest at conventions, where she displays and discusses her work at a booth for con-goers to visit. She also hosts panels aimed at helping educate both prospective and beginner cosplayers.